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Chickens feel intimately mature in the 165-170 days of many years

Chickens feel intimately mature in the 165-170 days of many years

Breeding focus on the fresh new populations regarding Russian White birds was directed to help you expanding live lbs, eggs weight and eggs production.

EGG-Meat Types MOSCOW (Moskovskaya)

Which reproduce is made through the 1946-67 by researchers of your Moscow Timiryazev Academy from Agriculture by the mating brand new crossbred young ones of Brownish Leghorn men and you may Yurlov ladies that have The fresh Hampshire males. The three-ways cross chickens had been bred inter se. Choice try achieved to own egg production, stability and you can fleshing.

For the earliest phase of options inbreeding was utilized. The average inbreeding coefficient about outlines was just about 20% and genetic similarity foundation is actually 45%. New multiplication out of lines was considering category mating off cocks which have chose half of-sibs otherwise sibs.

By 1967 the reproduction flock, including brand new contours An effective, B, C and you can D, numbered more than seven 100 direct. On finest pencils the latest egg yield achieved 220 and you may winner levels lead 260-280 eggs a year.

Since 1970 new reproduction regarding Moscow birds has been accomplished for the batteries and using phony insemination. In the course of eight ages, an appearing the range has been created, M5, having a keen egg production of 228 eggs annually. It is regularly create hybrids inside the crosses that have Light Leghorns. The new hybrids put annually 230-250 egg weigh 58-sixty g. Inside selection for combining feature the newest production from hybrids is actually compared with that away from paternal sibs of a single range as well as maternal sibs of almost every other (controls); at the same time the latest productivity of reciprocal hybrids is compared.

In the frequencies of ovalbumin genes (A – 0.989) this breed is close to meat-type breeds and in the allele frequencies of the G3 locus (A – 0.750) it is close to Brown and White Leghorns.

The breed have Moscow and you will Saratov nations plus in the fresh Ukraine. But not because of the 1980 their stock had refuted to 42 one hundred thousand opposed having 61 100000 in the 1975.

Moscow birds was bred to own eggs and you will meat creation. He’s got a broad lead, wide and you will bulging nipple, a lot of time and you may wide back. The newest plumage is heavy, black, that have or as opposed to fantastic hackles. Dicks has actually fantastic feathers toward shoulders and you will right back. Ear-lobes is actually red. From inside the hens shanks is actually black colored-and-yellow; in the males shanks is paler no strings attached Dating, as opposed to coloration.

The live pounds away from 8-week-dated pullets was 0.8 hence out-of cockerels try 0.nine kg; adult hens consider 1.9-2.dos and cocks dos.6-2.8 kg. Egg-shell colour was light brownish. Fertility away from egg has reached ninety five%; hatchability is 85%. Emergency price of your more youthful and of adults is 95 and 90% correspondingly. Yearly production averages 215-228 egg weighing 56-58 grams. Offer usage per ten eggs is actually 1.86-dos.00 kilogram.

MOSCOW Light (Moskovskaya belaya)

It breed try lead during 1947-59 from the experts of Ail-Partnership Institute regarding Poultry Reproduction at Zagorsk poultry farm from inside the Moscow area because of the mating Russian White hens and Plymouth Rock and you can Pervomai dicks. Choices try according to the combination of high egg development that have a fleshing. The fresh new nucleus stock incorporated just wild birds which have a rose comb. During the 1948 this new hens which met elements of the fresh reproduce got the average eggs creation of 173 eggs to your pounds away from 60-62 g. The newest champ laid 219 eggs. The typical real time weight from mature hens is actually dos.eight kilogram.

Moscow White chickens are utilized for egg and meat design. They have an intense and wider human body, red-and-white ear canal-lobes and you will a rose comb. Shanks is yellow and not much time. The fresh alive pounds away from 8-week-old chicks try 0.8 kilogram; mature hens consider 2.six and you can cocks step 3.six kilogram.

Decades in the sexual readiness is 170 days. An average yearly production was 180 egg from 58 g; egg shell is white. Fertility regarding egg is actually 95% and you will hatchability 90%. Success speed of one’s young stock are 95% and of adults 90%.